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Shane Daniels provides nonprofit organizations & conscious businesses with professional and responsive websites. Start accepting donations, creating fundraisers and supercharging your nonprofit website today!

Nonprofit websites have come a long way; they are no longer the same simple and static websites. Today, there are numerous interactive websites which enable nonprofit organizations to reach out to the common people and advertise their noble activities. We believe having a website is instrumental in running your nonprofit organization.

Your organization deserves a beautiful and intuitive web design, content easily edited by staff or volunteers, and useful features that save time and money. Proper branding and a clear strategy, we help nonprofit organizations communicate more effectively to their membership, staff, parishioners, donors and customers. Our aim is to design a website which speaks about a charity’s motive by creating a balance between budget and quality.

Focused on Results

What makes a nonprofit web design project a success? We believe your website should be a tool that actually helps your organization serve your community more effectively. It should be delivering tangible results that help your nonprofit do more good in the community you serve.

While the details are unique for each nonprofit we work with, this often includes:

Nonprofit manage donations

Boost Donations

Allow your donors to give directly through your website and by telling your story in an engaging way that drives visitors to donate offline.

bolster doner retention

Bolster donor retention

Manage donor information and automate processes like sending “Thank You” email, event reminders and collecting dues.

Connect with New Volunteers

Connect with New Volunteers

Let your visitors to see upcoming volunteer opportunities and sign up to volunteer directly through your website.

Drive Attendance

Drive Event Attendance

Showcase your upcoming events and make it really simple for visitors to register and share the event.

Establish Authority

Establish Authority

Publish blog content and provide useful resources to your visitors establishing your NPO as an authority.

Support Member Growth

Support Member Growth

Easily showcase the benefits of becoming a member and make it simple to join and capture required information.

Examples of Our Work

Coalition Blowout

Originating in the 1970's, the Coalition Blowout (now San Antonio Energy Coalition) has raised over $300,000 in local scholarships.
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